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Earthquake Test

Earthquake Vibration Testing
Seismic activity is happening wherever there is plates shifting. When an earthquake occurs, the trembling and vibration will destruct objects and buildings. This test is to ensure how well a product will perform and decrease the level of damage after an earthquake. If a product fails due to an earthquake, it will strongly effect the user.

There are four levels according to seismic level and zones.  Taiwan uses the Richter magnitude scale which is eight levels (putting Taiwan at Zone 4 and Level 8 on the Richter scale). The test is conducted by simulating seismic levels on the vibration test equipment with the unit under testing is safely fastened to the platform and its system fully operating to monitor its performance during an earthquake. An earthquake does not only vibrates on one axis, so testing will test both horizontal and vertical vibration. After testing, visual inspection is conducted to check for damages, defects, broken areas, fractures, dents, and so on as well as functional check to examine possible failures.

Standards: GR-63-core, IEC 721-2-6

Earthquake Test                                                                              
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