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Component on Board Failure Analysis(Board Level FA)

In view of advanced IC on-board technologies, failure analyses can be achieved via destructive and non-destructive methods. The destructive analysis normally uses Cross-section and OM for observing large area failure conditions, which are quick and simple. In case more detailed micro-structure analysis is required, a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) can be used together for observation and photographing. A non-destructive analysis is a failure analysis conducted without the need of destructing the product.

SAT, standing for Scanning Acoustic Tomography, can penetrate a certain thickness of a solid or liquid substance if the frequency exceeds 20KHz, and is capable of detecting structural deviations. IST offers customers with failure analysis resulting from reliability qualification. IST has earned customer trust and good business reputation with its accomplished state-of-art component-on-board facilities. IST provides customers with prompt and timely services in failure analyses (including Dye & Pry, cross section, X-ray, etc.), saving time and costs for customers. 

Failure Analyses (Destructive/ non-destructive) include:
   Dye & Pry

Example Photo
 Dye & Pry
cross-section、dye & pry、solder joint
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