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System / Module Reliability Engineering Test
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Dynamic Environmental Test
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Mechanical Stress Test
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PCBA/ System Level Reliability Test

Temperature Cycle Test-TCT with Daisy Chain design
The most common lead-free reliability testing is the temperature cycle test and IPC 9701 is the general standard used. We can quickly analyze the life span of a lead-free product by conducting temperature cycles using Coffin-Manson model for Thermo-Mechanical Effects to monitor the major ICs' performance by daisy chaining the PCB and connecting it to an event detector or a data logger to plot out the life span of the solder joints using Weibull.

 Highly Accelerated Life Test- HALT/HASA/HASS
The goal is to test temperature stress, vibration stress, fast temperature change, combined stress of new products or developing products in an accelerated environment for its weakness (see HALT for more information).

Vibration Fatigue Test (for more information, see vibration testing)
Test items are: Sine vibration, Random vibration, Resonance search and Dwell, Vibration endurance, and etc.

Mechanical Shock Test (for more information, see mechanical shock testing)
Test items are: Half-sine wave, Trapezoidal wave and Shock damage boundary.

Pull/Shear Test (for more information, see Pull/Shear Test)
Provision of push/pull test data before and after the reliability test, for performing solder joint crack analysis.

Failure Analysis
Different reliability stress will bring out different failures. If these failures are not analyzed with FMECA, then there will be no increase in the product reliability. We have three years of experience in providing accurate cause of failure and built up a complete lead-free material analysis team. The most common testing are shown below: 

 Dye and Pry
 SEM/ FIB Physical Failure Analysis)
 2D/3D X-Ray Analysis
 C-SAM, A-Scan, B-Scan, T-Scan, TAMI
 Pierre Auger Observatory

PCBA/ System Level Reliability
solder joint、x-section、x-ray
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