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Component on Board Level Reliability Test

Component on Board Reliability Qualification

PCBA Integration service platform

As technology advances, electronic products are facing more challenges in PCBA reliability because of the use of environmental materials on the one hand, and of different packaging materials assembled on a single PCB on the other. iST provides total solutions based on its proficiency on testing electronic products as well as on failure analyses, assisting customer identifying potential risks and failures, so as to enhance product performance and reduce costs. 

Printed Circuit Board
iST provides turnkey PCB services from design to production. Besides provision of PCBs that comply with international standards, IST professional team also takes customized orders. We are pleased to share our years of experience in the electronics/IC industry with our customers.

Surface Mount Technology
iST’s highly efficient SMT production line ensures uniform quality of samples, customizing samples that meet customer requirements.

PCBA Reliability Test
iST provides extensive PCBA reliability tests including temperature cycling tests (CTC), drop/vibration tests and bending tests.

PCBA Failure Analysis
Aided by high-tech and state of the art equipment, iST has earned customer confidence with prompt and timely failure analyses services including Dye & Pry, cross section, X-ray, etc. which save time and prevent financial losses for the customer.

PCBA Failure Analysis mainly aims at the simulation of bumps of loose cargo in transportation vehicles. The test mainly deals with vertical bumps; bumps in different directions can also be performed to products with smaller packages. 

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