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Component Mechanical Shock Test
When the system/module is under environmental shocks, the nature frequency of components on the PCB usually enlarge the impact several times due to its fixing way or structural design. Besides, the smaller the component is the higher its nature frequency is. Therefore, for IC components that are small and light, high accelerations accompanied with short pulse durations are used as main testing conditions based on JESD22-B111 standards. For passive components, the MIL-TSD-202F is used as the main standard; for ICs, the MIL-STD-883E is used as the main standard; for automotive electronics, JEDEC is mainly used.

For mini components and small modules, half-sine waveforms are often used for shock testing (see below for JEDEC JESD22-B104C standard).

Currently available mechanical shock tests include the following conditions:
100g / 2.0ms
200g/ 1.5ms
340g / 1.2ms
500g / 1.0ms
1500g / 0.5ms
Cisco Mechanical Testing Condition (to be measured together with strain gauge)

Components  Mechanical Shock Test
drop、JESD22、g level
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