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Mechanical Stress Test

Solder is normally used as a conductive connection in the assembly of electronic components, in some particular design, PCB gold fingers, USB connectors and other non-solder connections are also used. Therefore, the Highly Accelerated Stress Analysis is mainly used for simulating the strength effect of connections under the influence of external stresses, and number of repetitive uses on the lifespan of the product.

For solder connections, factors such as solder ingredient, tin content, solder melting quality, properties of component pins and process parameters are all directly affecting the service lifespan of the product. The impact is more obvious after the introduction of lead-free soldering. Sampled mechanical stress tests can be used for production qualification to minimize risks.

Non-solder connections such as PCB gold fingers, USB connectors, keypad, modules, and SD Card interface are subject to repetitive insertion/extraction actions and external forces. Preuvious simulation of these external stresses is provided for assessing direct impacts to product lifespan. 

iST provides strength tests as follows:
   Dye and Pry Test: Inspection on crack face of SMT parts, applicable to general BGA, CSP, CPU Socket, WLCSP and QFN. 
   Pull & Push Test
   Solder Ball Shear Test
   Button Test
   Static Bending Test
   Dynamic, Cyclic Bending Test
   Torque Test
   Press Test
   Strain Measurement
   SMT assembly (SMT Process Service)

Mechanical Stress Test
mechanical stress、pull/shear
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