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Environment Stress Screening (ESS)
Environment Stress Screening- ESS
A number of products that have been developed through various reliability testing still recieve a high number of RMAs (Return of Material Analysis) even after being tested in strict environmental conditions. Why is that?

Well, according to America's GE company, the survey of a newly designed product on the market show that 33% of of product failures and weaknesses is due to design flaws, 34% is due to unsuitable selection of components, and 33% is due to manufacturing errors and flaws. Honeywell's investigation on matured products entering the market showed that 60% of failure is due to bad quality components and 40% due to production flaws.

Therefore,better production control on components and manufacturing process can effectively control RMA percentage. Hence, Environment Stress Screening (ESS) can screen for products that don't meet the original design goals, have unstable components, or have production flaws during mass production.

In 1894, the Institute of Environmental Sciences Technology (IEST) first presented its research on Environment Stress Screening of electronic system products. In the report, it stated that results showed a dramatic change in field failures and also proposed test items and recommendations (see Figure 1).

IEST further published a study report on electronic products in 1991, questioning the credibility of Burn-in as a means for identifying system defects.

For preventing defective products from entering the market after mass production, a 100% screening is necessary in the spirit of ESS. The military weapon system is currently implementing 100% environment stress screening (ESS) for mass production quality control. However for the consumer electronics, owing to the gradually shortened Product Cycle in the marketplace, and the heavy monetary and time expenses for a 100% screening, HALT/HASA/HASS have gradually replaced 100% screening starting from the 90's.  
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