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European Telecommunications Reliability Test

To standardize the European telecommunications environmental testing, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) was established in 1988. The Technical Committee Environmental Engineering (EE) of ETSI has set up three Working Groups (WG):

    Is responsible for environmental conditions and environmental tests for telecommunications equipment, and the standard produced is: ETS/EN 300 019, which contains two parts.
    Part 1: standardize different climatic conditions and environmental classes.
    Part 2: specifies the recommended test conditions and test methods for the different environmental classes, test procedures mainly based on IEC/EN 60068 Part 2 and IEC 60721.

    Deals with power supply issues, such as earthing, power distribution, bonding techniques and interface issues.
    In regarding to power supply, mechanical standards on racks mount or sub-racks follows ETS 300 119.

EE-TMG (Thermal Management Group)
      Reviews and updates the ETS 300 119 series standards, the thermal management for equipment and facilities in specific.

ETSI/EE successively promulgated two series of environmental conditions and test standards of communication products as listed below. The first series is ETSI EN 300 019 Part1, which gives descriptions of environmental categories and severity levels; the second series is ETSI EN 300 019 Part2, which gives conditions and procedural guidelines of environmental tests;

ETSI 300 019 Part1
    Part 1-0:Classification of environmental conditions;Introduction
    Part 1-1:Classification of environmental conditions;Storage
    Part 1-2:Classification of environmental conditions;Transportation
    Part 1-3:Classification of environmental conditions;Stationary use at weatherprotected locations
    Part 1-4:Classification of environmental conditions;Stationary use at non-weatherprotected locations
    Part 1-5:Classification of environmental conditions;Ground vehicle installations
    Part 1-6:Classification of environmental conditions;Ship environments
    Part 1-7:Classification of environmental conditions; Portable and non-stationary use
    Part 1-8:Classification of environmental conditions;Stationary use at underground locations

ETSI EN 300 019 Part 2
    Part 2-0:Specification of environmental tests;Introduction
    Part 2-1:Specification of environmental tests;Storage
    Part 2-2:Specification of environmental tests;Transportation
    Part 2-3:Specification of environmental tests;Stationary use at weather protected locations
    Part 2-4:Specification of environmental tests;Stationary use at non-weather protected locations
    Part 2-5:Specification of environmental tests;Ground vehicle installations
    Part 2-6:Specification of environmental tests;Ship environments
    Part 2-7:Specification of environmental tests;Portable and non-stationary use
    Part 2-8:Specification of environmental tests;Stationary use at underground locations

ETSI 300 753 Acoustic noise emitted by telecommunications equipment
    Our Reliability Division researched the possibilities of using these standards and has set up qualified equipment and techniques with a complete set of test services. However, the practicality is that ETSI is used for European storage, shipping and transportation environments. Therefore, temperature conditions are low temperature testing. And since Europe is a highly developed area, the roads are smoother and hence, vibration testing is lower. When applying ETSI standards, there should be attention on the practicality of these standards and how to adjust them to meet your needs.
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