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IC ESD Protection Test and Latch-up Test

Electrostatic energy is everywhere in our daily life; one gets an electric shock while holding a car-key to open the car-door, or taking off a sweater. The strength of electrostatic charge depends on the humidity of the environment or the material of clothing. As electrostatic energy is inevitable in our daily life and its existence cannot be eliminated completely, to electronic products, their sustainability to ESD becomes a key factor in the product reliability and Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).

For a long time, terminal products endlessly encounter customer return due to EOS. Besides ESD protection design, production line ESD protection measures and ESD verification of finished goods, manufacturers need to focus more on ESD reliability of the selected ICs. If ICs are weak against ESD, the product cannot have good ESD reliability.

The tranditional IC ESD tests mostly test the ICs up to the specified protection class (e.g. 2KV). In recent years, more and more makers of finished products request that IC suppliers need to present certificates of “Testing to Fail” and failure analysis reports. For IC designers, these approaches provide for understanding over IC weak points which can be referenced in the circuit design; for makers of finished products, they can give references in system design for selecting correct ICs with adequate ESD sustainability and for identifying weak points which can be further referenced in RMA failure analyses.

iST ESD laboratories provide tests in Human Body Mode, Machine Mode, Charge Device Mode and Latch-up tests as well as I-V Curve measurement and failure analysis of the ESD protection. Test services cover the requirements of MIL-STAD (US military standard), EIA/JEDEC (Japanese regulations on protection against electrostatic discharge) and AEC (Automotive Electronic Council).

IC ESD and Latch-Up Reference Standards:

Test Item

Reference Standard





HBM (Human Body Mode)





MM (Machine Mode)





SCDM (Socket CDM)




ANSI/ESD SP5.3.2-2004

CDM (Non-Socket) 





Latch Up

Room Temp. Test





High Temp. Test

 Thermo KeyTek Zapmaster7/4
 Thermo KeyTek Mk2 
 Thermo KeyTek RCD M3
ESD 、Latch up
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