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Press Test

The Press Test mainly aims to simulate external mechanical stresses that may affect the product in production, transportation and final application. As die application comes into mainstream, press test becomes highly focused as one of key reliability tests mainly because products with die assembly are relatively vulnerable during the production test as well as in the assembly of finished goods.

Besides testing electronic components, the Press Test is also used for testing structural elements for understanding product failures resulting from external stresses.

Concerning electronic components, recent developments such as Flip Chip Package and WLCSP are heavily depending on the Press Test to identify design flaws so that further analysis and improvement can be carried out in time for enhancing product reliability.

For assembled products, press test samples in combination with measurement control aided by Strain Gage are used to determine the relationship between product failure and strains, so as to evaluate risk factors in the assembly flow, reducing the rate of early failures.

iST offers the following press tests:
   3-Point Bend For SEMI G86-0303
   3-Point Bend For EIAJ ED-4702A
   4-Point Bend For IPC 9702

Press Test of Components
Strain Gage、bending、press
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