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Thermal Shock Test (Gas / Liquid)

Thermal Shock Test
The Thermal Shock Test aims to identify capability of parts in sustaining sudden alteration of temperatures by way of alternating replacement of temperatures. Since parts in our products may sustain environmental anomalies during the use, it is essential that they be capable of withstanding sudden exposure to extreme temperatures, certain specifications must be met in their physical properties for sustaining thermal shocks.

Equipment for Thermal Shock Test is mostly in “liquid to liquid”. Air to air double chambers,  offering additional operation for large-size sample is also available. Solvent used in a liquid chamber is Perfluorocarbon, which is a heat resistant and stable substance.

The sample is required to accomplish the transfer in 10 seconds (a transfer time of 10s), and the staying time inside the chamber shall be no less than 2 seconds to ensure even temperature distribution in the sample. Normal test conditions are shown as follows. Notes 2 and 3 refer to tests in a liquid trough.

Note 2/  Water is indicated as an acceptable fluid for this temperature range.
Note 3/  Perfluorocarbons contain no chlorine or hydrogen.

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