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Heat Resistance and Solderability Test

Electronic components are processed through different electronic fabrication  methods (such as SMT and DIP) to become electronic products. The main method used is soldering the component leads to PCBs. These components must be soldered to PCBs using high-heat equipment, such as reflow, wave solder, or ironing machines.

Therefore, these components must be able to resist the heat impact without failing during the process. Furthermore, the wetting characteristic of leads will determine the continued reliability of the product. The purpose of the Heat Resistance and Solderability Test is to simulate and evaluate the properties of the components installed and to assist component venders on improving the quality of their products to ensure smooth production while maintaining its reliability.

Heat Resistance and Solderability test services offered:
Reflow Test (based on customer specifications or standards)
Solder Bath Test
Solder Iron Test
Wetting Balance Test
Steam Aging Test
Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Process Test

Heat Resistance and Solderability Test
solderability、wetting balance、solder iron
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