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Acoustic Test

Acoustic Noise
Sound Pressure Level (SPL) and Sound Power Level (SWL)
The IT industry is demanding higher quality in terms of product noise level as technologies advance quickly. To the end users, the perception of noise has been emphasized gradually. Although domestic 3C products such as cell phone panels, LCD TVs and multi-function office machines are not designed with fans, they also produce other noises that may annoy the user; noise level measuring has therefore become an important index of product quality.

Sound pressure
Sound power

In view of the above, we have introduced from France a Noise Level Measuring System (developed by Orchestra). The equipment came with analyzing software, dBFA32 RTP, which is capable of measuring sound pressure level (SPL) and Sound Power to assist customers analyzing the product and improve its quality. We also participate in R&D of major international manufacturers, expecting to introduce series of innovative quality measurement technologies that may enhance the overall quality of Taiwan’s industry.

Frequency domain and Time domain Analysis

sound pressure、sound power、ISO 7779
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