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Gas Corrosion Test

Gas Corrosion-FMG
These tests mainly aim to verify resistance against gas corrosions in gold/silver materials, electronic connectors and FFC/FPC components. When ribbon cables or connectors are exposed to small amounts of chlorine or sulfur contained gases from the atmosphere, the joint surface areas will corrode and signal transmission resistance will increase, resulting in malfunctioning or failure. Therefore, many international companies conduct Flowing Mixed Gas Corrosion Test on electrical connectors or FFC/FPC joints, especially to examine the coating quality. Nowadays, the auto electronics field has widely employed this testing.

The gas corrosion results are based on the conduction resistance from the measurements before, during and after testing. Practical experimentation shows low coating quality will result in 20-30 times difference after a 4-7 day exposure. When corrosion is inspected, Energy-Dispersive X-ray (EDX) is used to examine and analyze the cause of abnormality.  

Gas Corrosion Test
MFG、Coating Quality、corrosion
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