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Solar/UV Radiation Test

Solar Radiation
Most areas on the earth have an annual average temperature of 0oC~+40oC. In the summer, the temperature is higher, ranging from 30℃ to 49℃, with an average of 43℃ (environmental/ air temperature). Heat Radiation Effect from the sun will raise surface temperature of products to the range of +17oC ~ +33oC. According the statistics, over the past 20 years, the average luminance was 1120W/m2; these past five years, due to global warming and the greenhouse effect, the average luminance increased to 1300W/m2. This has greatly impacted the future of outdoors and semi-outdoor products.

The goal of solar testing is to examine how light and radiation heat will affect the units, such as causing thermal stress and cracking materials, when exposed to sunlight. Inspections include electrical functions, stabilization of material structure, and degree of discoloration on outer coating. A color analyzer is used to test the changing of color (△E) before and after testing.

We are equipped with True Sunlight facilities, which can meet IEC, MIL, ETSI standards. Not only can it simulate degree of temperature and irradiation, it can simulate multiple environmental variables, such as rain, sun, humidity, and so on.

UV Radiation
This test utilizes UV lamp illumination, the wavelength can be further categorized as UVA(340nm) and UVB(313nm) in accordance to the wavelength specified by the standard. The test mainly aims to verify the deviation after non-metal materials undergo the UV illumination. A color analyzer is used to test the changing of color (△E) before and after testing.

Solar Radiation Test/ UV Radiation Test
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