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Package Compression Test

The Package Compression Test aims to assess the capability of product packing for resisting compression forces in the storage and transportation.

Types of Compression Tests
   Static compression Test
Simulation of packages stacked in the warehouse involves a fixed compression sustained during a fixed duration; visual inspection of package deformation is carried out to determine whether the appearance and electrical property of the product are affected. The magnitude of the testing compression can be calculated using the following formula.


W: Weight of single unit
H: Total height
h: Height of single unit
F: Compensating Factor (usually 3 ~ 5)

   Continued Compression Test
Compression is gradually increased, and the package appearance is continuously observed for exceeding the specified value, so as to obtain and record the maximum load sustained by the packing material.

Standards: ASTM, ISTA, DELL, HP, Cisco, Nortel

Compression Test
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