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Fibrous Dust Test

Fibrous Dust Test
Our indoor environment consists of dust from carpets, clothes, cotton, sofas, and so on that are airborne and settle all over the house. This kind of fibrous dust differs from the conventional dust and is not contained by the existing international standards. Therefore, when a unit is operating in this environment, the fibers and dust in the surrounding area get sucked into the system. When the fibrous dust accumulates on heat sinks, the internal and parts temperature of the product will rise and cause functional failures (Photo A).

From the results of an actual Fibrous Dust Test, we discovered that after two hours of exposure, the CPU started to throttle; after four hours, some functions became unstable, and after six hours, certain performance failures started to occur (Photo B).

We installed Fibrous Dust Test facilities in 2007. Fibrous Dust Test services have been provided to several customers. You are welcome to make further inquiries.

Photo Example
A. Notebook with accumulated fibrous dust.
B. CPU throttling due to overheating.
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