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Corporate Milestones

Established DEKRA IST in Taiwan and Mainland China with Europe Corporation, DEKRA
iST becomes a Simplay Labs Taiwan ATC  for HDMI / MHL / HDCP
iST Obtained TI Certification
IC EMC Lab in Hsinchu
IST Obtained Lenovo / LED Energy Star Certification
Material Analysis Lab in Hsinchu
  STD Spin-off
IST Obtained Continental Automotive / A2LA(ISO/IEC 17025:2005) Accreditation
Motorola 12M Test for BGA / LGA / WLCSP ;
Cisco for PCB Master Qualification (Certified)
FA Lab in Shenzhen,  Beijing, China & Sunnyvale, USA
BSI for RoHS (Certified) )
TUV for ISO 9001  (Certified) )
RA, FA, GP Lab in Kunshan, China
IPO in Taiwan OTC Market
Approved by Dell / HP (Lead Free)
System RA Lab in Hsinchu
Component Failure Analysis Lab in Shanghai
TAF (Certified)
IECQ / ISO 17025 (Certified)
IC RA Lab in Hsinchu
Failure Analysis Lab in Hsinchu
Established in Hsinchu, Taiwan; Started  FIB Service

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