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Vision and Values

“iST’s value is continuing to create value for our customers.”

More than 20 years ago, iST was only a small laboratory in a humble apartment and the personnel was limited to 5. However, now it is the leading laboratory of electronic verification analysis in Asia. From the original site to today's main building, it only takes 20 minutes by walk, but it took iST 20 years, hacking way through difficulties and enduring great hardships in pioneer work; we constantly push for innovation to reach today's achievement.


The sign of iST’s original site is not removed, which reminds us the old proverb, “Hard got, soon gone.” As the third party laboratory, iST, upholds the integrity, and be strict for every detail; provide the best solutions with responsibility; fight alongside customers with cordial services; And continue to innovate, standing on the cutting edge to provide customers better test methods.

We have the pleasure to be part of the history of global IoT industry. Accumulating thousands of solutions and technology core platforms; staying in step with international standards, even creating new expectations. We keep firing up for our goal in the past, present or future “Create the most value for customers.”

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