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iST February 2023 Revenue Report

Issued Date: 2023/03/10
Issued By: iST

iST(TWSE:3289), an IC analysis and verification lab of semiconductor industry, today (March 10, 2023) announced its net revenues on a consolidated basis, revenues for February 2023 were approximately NT$332 million, an increase of 16.85% YoY, which setting a new record high of February’s revenues ever. Revenues for January to February is NT$667 million, an increase of 16.99% YoY.

iST stated that it has benefited from strong demand for material analysis (MA), failure analysis (FA), and reliability assurance (RA) driven by advanced processes, advanced packaging, automotive electronics, 5G, HPC, etc. In particular, in the area of material analysis, iST’s analysis technology has already broken through the 2nm barrier, and its analysis capacity has expanded by 40% this year, allowing it to provide more high-quality and competitive services to more customers.”

In addition, major international electric vehicle makers have recently announced that the next generation of electric vehicles will reduce the use of SIC materials without compromising performance, with market estimates indicating that this will be achieved through advanced packaging to increase heat dissipation. iST has also been working in the field of advanced packaging verification and analysis for many years. Furthermore, iST became a member of the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) at the end of last year, further promoting the development of the fields of Internet of Vehicles (IoV), autonomous driving, new energy vehicles, and smart vehicles in collaboration with internationally renowned automotive electronics Tier 1 makers, providing comprehensive R&D support for semiconductor design and manufacturing.

iST Signal Integrity Testing Laboratory has recently obtained official recognition from the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) as an Authorized Test Center (ATC) for ClearMR certification. This means iST can provide customers with relevant technical research and testing services to ensure their products meet technical specifications and obtain certification marks. This standard has been supported by several major display manufacturers such as Samsung, HP, and LG from the beginning. After becoming an Authorized Test Center (ATC), many display, laptop, gaming, and OEM brands have inquired and commissioned iST for VESA ClearMR testing solutions.

iST is entering a period of rapid growth, driven by the major trends in advanced processes, electric vehicles, compound (WBG, wide-band Gap) semiconductors, 5G, HPC, IoT, and AI-related applications. This is expected to drive more companies to invest more R&D efforts in future technologies. iST also continues to work closely with international major customers to develop more solutions to support their verification and analysis needs.

At the same time, in response to the G2 pattern, iST is expanding its verification and analysis territory from Taiwan to the world, to enhance international customer service, accelerate business operations, and strengthen its competitive advantages.

iST(TWSE:3289) February 2023 Revenue Report

(Unit: NT$ thousand)

Period February January to February
2023 332,313 667,201
2022 284,390 570,328
Increase(Decrease) 47,923 96,873
Increase(Decrease)(%) 16.85% 16.99%

About Integrated Service Technology

Founded in 1994, iST began its business from IC circuit debugging and modification and gradually expanded its scope of operations, including Failure Analysis, Reliability Verification, Material Analysis, Automotive Electronic Verification Platforms and Signal Integrity Testing Services. iST has offered full-scope verification and analysis services to the IC engineering industry, its customers cover the whole spectrum of the electronics industry from IC design to end products.

In response to rising Cloud Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Vehicles (IoV), iST not only focuses on its core services but is also expanding its service offerings based on international trends, such as automotive electronic verification platforms, signal integrity testing services.https://www.istgroup.com