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iST May 2020 Revenue Report

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iST May 2020 Revenue Report

by yuting

Issued Date: 2020/06/10
Issued By: iST

iST(TWSE:3289) today (June 10, 2020) announced its net revenues on a consolidated basis, the revenues of May 2020 were approximately NTD$ 252 million, which increased 3.32% MoM and 22.56% YoY, respectively.

The growth in monthly and annual revenues of iST comes from the verification requirements at the R&D phase of IC design and advanced manufacturing process in Taiwan.

The lull of China-United States trade war was rekindled since a fresh US ban in the middle of May. Although the semiconductor supply chains in Taiwan are in a dilemma between the desinicization in US and the de-Americanization policy promoted in China, there is an unexpected opportunity for Taiwan semiconductor makers, that is, instead of supporting China’s based IC design houses, China has shifted its focus to Taiwan’s suppliers, which has increasingly benefited Taiwan’s semiconductor industry again.

Taiwan not only has the world’s most complete semiconductor industry settlement and labor division ranging from IC design to wafer foundry, and even packaging and testing, but the market share of above industries is also among the highest of the world. iST, as one of Taiwan’s semiconductor suppliers, the industries mentioned above are also its main customers.

In particular, the US trade ban is not yet including the IC design industry. There was no significant decrease in the case-in number of verification requirements, which not only in IC R&D phase, but the wafer foundries in Taiwan’s market. For the above reasons, even the verification demands from oversea semiconductor customers have been slowed down by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic; iST still achieved a good result in revenues of May 2020.

iST(TWSE:3289) May 2020 Revenue Report

(Unit: NT$ thousand)

Period May January to May
2020  251,645 1,238,119
2019(Note 1) 205,320  882,850
Increase(Decrease)  46,325  355,269
Increase(Decrease)(%)  22.56%  40.24%

Note 1: Since December 2019, iST Taiwan has signed a SPA to transfer iST Shanghai to Chinasti. Hence, for a more accurate comparison, the revenues of 2019 and 2020 in this table does not include revenues of iST Shanghai.

About Integrated Service Technology

Founded in 1994, iST began its business from IC circuit debugging and modification and gradually expanded its scope of operations, including Failure Analysis, Reliability Verification, Material Analysis, Automotive Electronic Verification Platforms and Signal Integrity Testing Services. iST has offered full-scope verification and analysis services to the IC engineering industry, its customers cover the whole spectrum of the electronics industry from IC design to end products.

In response to iST’s mission of providing integrated solutions to customers, iST not only focuses on its core laboratory services but also enters the mass production services of wafer backend process. http://www.istgroup.com