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iST November 2017 Revenue Report

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iST November 2017 Revenue Report

by yuting

Issued Date: 2017/12/08
Issued By: iST

iST(TWSE:3289) today (December 8, 2017) announced its net revenues on a consolidated basis, the revenues for November 2017 were approximately NT$258 million. Year over year, the consolidated revenue increased 33.71%, and increased 3.32 % compared to previous month, which has reached the second highest level on monthly record.

iST indicated, net of the changes of relocation in Q3, the revenues of October and November has reached the second highest level on monthly record. The market of electronic products verification has been driven up by three areas, advance process of semiconductor, automotive electronics component and the high speed transmission verification, which also pushes up the verification requirements in part on iST’s Reliability Assurance (RA), Material Analysis (MA), Failure Analysis (FA) and Signal Integrity.

iST pointed in particular that MA has continued to drive iST’s revenues up, since the semiconductor makers’ effort on advance process have gained pace to build components with more efficiency, less power consumption and smaller size to cope with the needs of smart products for current trends. From 20 nm in 2015 to 14 nm in 2016, this year, semiconductor makers will be able to make preparations for the production of the 10nm and 7 nm processes. Many semiconductor makers has even started to develop blueprints for the 5 nm process with the vision that it will be the next stage of the competition for semiconductor manufacturers. All the above has boosted up the demand of MA from the whole spectrum of semiconductor supply chain.

iST observed, in recent years, based on the rise of autopilot, IoT, 5G and AI, the trend of being compact and miniature which steps up the semiconductor advance process to continue expanding production capacity in a multiplication mode.

Look ahead, the revenues of iST will be driving up as iST is well-prepared for the prosperous verification requirements from the multi-application of electronic products with its newly opened two buildings in Hsinchu Science Park, and the 15-year solid foundation in China market.


iST(TWSE:3289) November 2017 Revenue Report

(Unit: NT$ thousand)

Period November January to November
2017  258,044  2,529,141
2016  192,991  2,138,009
Increase(Decrease)  65,053  391,132
 33.71%  18.29%
About Integrated Service Technology

Founded in 1994, iST began its business from IC circuit debugging and modification and gradually expanded its scope of operations, including failure analysis, reliability verification, material analysis and so on. iST has offered full-scope verification and analysis services to the IC engineering industry, its customers cover the whole spectrum of the electronics industry from IC design to end products.
In response to rising Cloud Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Vehicles (IoV), iST not only focuses on its core services but is also expanding its service offerings based on international trends, such as Automotive electronic verification platforms and signal integrity testing services. http://www.istgroup.com