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iST Q2 2017 Revenue Report

Home Press Releases iST Q2 2017 Revenue Report

iST Q2 2017 Revenue Report

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Issued date: 2017/7/24
Issued by: iST

iST (TWSE:3289) today (Jul 24, 2017) announced its self- clearing financial statement of Q2 2017 on a consolidated basis.

  1. Revenues for Q2 2017 totaled NT$ 718 million, an increase of 19.60% QoQ and increased 17.82% YoY.
  2. Gross profit in Q2 2017 was about NT$ 209 million, an increase of 24.83% QoQ and 7.39% YoY; Gross profit rate of Q2 2017 is 29.18%.
  3. Profit after tax attributable to the parent company for Q2 was approximate NT$ 71 million, an increase of 112.80% QoQ, and a decrease of 18.01% YoY.
  4. While EPS for Q2 was approximately NT$1.14, an increase of 107.27% QoQ, and a decrease of 32.94% YoY.

iST indicated its cross-strait expansion strategy in the end of 2016 has brought about a notable result in Q2 2017, which not only spurring the revenues of Q2 2017 to a new historic high but also showing the revenues has ran ahead the costs and expense of expansion, and thus the gross profit rate of Q2 2017 came in 29.18% which has set a new high since Q3 2016.

iST further indicated, the growing revenues resulted from the following three reasons. First, as the global new-gen smart product is coming to market, many component supplier chains have conducted tests in iST, which spurted the test projects of Reliability Assurance (RA) and Failure Analysis (FA) and has driven iST’s revenues in June to a new historic high.

Second, on the Mainland China, the revenues of June also exhibited very strong growth due to the successful result of iST’s strategic enlargement in China.

Third, on the signal integrity testing service, not only harvested the three-year preparation with an excellent performance on revenues, but also having good news in Jun, which it has officially become an authorized lab for test and certification of MIMO OTA, HDMI Alt Mode for USB Type-C and DisplayPort.

In addition, the non-operating earnings by DEKRA iST and BTL, affiliated companies of iST, also made a contribution to iST’s Q2 revenues in automotive electronics verification and telecommunication mandatory certification respectively.

Look forward to H2 2017, the case-in number of iST Taiwan keeps rising to the historic high and iST has well prepared for the greater demands of testing and verification by purchasing two plant building space in Hsinchu Science Park last year(2016), and starting to install the new equipment from this July, which can expect to drive revenues henceforward.

iST(TWSE:3289) Q2 2017 Revenue Report on a consolidated basis.

(Unit: NT$ thousands, except EPS)

Item Q2
717,824 609,266 17.82% 600,212 19.60%
Gross margin
209,480 195,064 7.39% 167,818 24.83%
Net operating profit and loss 45,408 62,353 -27.18% 18,431 146.37%
Net profit
before tax
68,641 79,810 -13.99% 19,551 251.09%
Net profit after tax attributable to the parent company 71,028 86,627 -18.01% 33,378 112.80%
1.14 1.70 -32.94% 0.55 107.27%

PS: Above figures are self- clearing statements, and has not approved by the accountant.

About Integrated Service Technology

Founded in 1994, iST began its business from IC circuit debugging and modification and gradually expanded its scope of operations, including failure analysis, reliability verification, material analysis and so on. iST has offered full-scope verification and analysis services to the IC engineering industry, its customers cover the whole spectrum of the electronics industry from IC design to end products.

In response to rising Cloud Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Vehicles (IoV), iST not only focuses on its core services but is also expanding its service offerings based on international trends, such as Automotive electronic verification platforms and high-speed signal transmission integrity services.