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iST September 2014 Revenue Report

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iST September 2014 Revenue Report

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Issued Date: 2014/10/9
Issued By: iST

iST(TWSE:3289) today (Oct 9, 2014) announced its net revenues on a consolidated basis, the revenues for September 2014 were approximately NT$167 million. Year over year, the consolidated revenue increased 17.66%, and 0.95% decrease from last month. The revenue for the first nine months of 2014 is NT$13.79 billion, an increase of 15.68% from last year.

iST said, the reason of the 0.95% decrease from last month, due to the brief shutdown of iST’s subsidiary in Shanghai result from the relocation and expansion in recent months, for being able to cover the strong test demand of China market. However, iST still maintained a 17.66% of the growing momentum of business when compared to the same period of 2013, owing to the growing amount of test orders from Smart hand-hold tablet test, LED market, Automobile electronics, IC reliability test, Material analysis and the test of 4K HDMI/ MHL/ HDCP. On top of that, ITS (Innovative Turnkey Solution), a subsidiary company of iST, has handed in a brilliant score sheet of sales recently, which kept iST’s sales in a high record.

iST further pointed out that, when wearable and mobile devices get more and more popular, electronic products are evolving into compact versions. Internal structure of products tends to be thinner and more compact, unprecedented limits are encountered for analyzing, measuring or observing product properties. To cope with the customer demands, iST continually increasing the capital expenditure on purchasing the latest equipment, including Thermal EMMI (InSb) for detecting defects of IC; Quantera II X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS, also known as ESCA – Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis), which are both officially available in this month.

iST observed, while process progresses towards 20nm, 16nm and less, manufacturers including semiconductor, LED, PCB and display panel are having urgent needs for using high resolution Dual-Beam FIB and XPS/ESCA to perform surface elements analysis for developing new materials and monitoring processes.

Therefore, iST has further escalated its capacity in material analysis facilities by upgrading its Dual-Beam FIB equipment to the highest level– FEI Helios-660 and introducing Quantera II X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS, also known as ESCA – Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis), capable of analyzing samples with surface structures as fine as 7.5 um, a breakthrough to the conventional 50um limit. The analysis is not affected by conductivity of sample; the device is capable of detecting the state, distribution and chemical bond of surface elements of the material.

Besides, expanding its Material Analysis equipment, for 3D packaged products in Failure Analysis, iST has introduced Thermal EMMI (InSb) for detecting defects without de-capsulation of IC.

iST said, the great deal update and introduction of new equipment recently, not only can enrich the technique support and service project, but also can solve more material analysis and failure analysis problem for customers in developing products. iST provides faster and more precisely analyses, to shorten the R&D and verification time and help customers improve product competitiveness in the market.

iST(TWSE:3289) September 2014 Revenue Report

(Unit: NT$ thousand)

Period September January to September
2014 167,141 1,379,143
2013 142,050 1,192,214
Increase(Decrease) 25,091 186,929
Increase(Decrease)(%) 17.66% 15.68%
About Integrated Service Technology

Founded in 1994, iST began its business from IC circuit debugging and modification and gradually expanded its scope of operations to include failure analysis, reliability verification, material analysis, and quality assurance. Through the years, iST has constructed a comprehensive verification and analysis engineering platform, offering full-scope services to the IC engineering industry. iST customers cover the whole spectrum of the electronics industry from IC design to end products.

In response to rising environmental awareness, iST not only focuses on its core services but is also expanding its service offerings based on international trends. iST’s lead-free and halogen-free verification testing, chemical quantitative testing and signal integrity services have all been accredited by multiple international independent third-party organizations including TUV NORD Germany and BSI UK. With increased outsourcing by major international brands, iST now also plays the role of independent quality testing laboratory for OBM outsourcing products and is certified by Dell, Cisco, Delphi, Continental Automotive and Lenovo.

Headquartered in Hsinchu, iST’s pursuit of precision, perfection and efficiency has led it to expand its operations around the world. The iST Group now includes iST Kunshan, iST Shanghai, iST Beijing and iST Shenzhen in China, IC Service in Japan, and an iST laboratory in the US. These are all dedicated to providing customers with prompt, reliable and high-quality technical services in order to grow with the leaders of the world. For more information, please visit the iST website at:www.istgroup.com