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Boyo Kids Visit iST Lab

Home Boyo Kids Visit iST Lab

Boyo Kids Visit iST Lab

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Issued Date: 2015/8/13
Issued by: iST

Today we have some special guests in our lab! Wearing anti-static clother and shoes, these kids from Boyo social welfare foundation have made our lab become lively.

Boyo social welfare foundation is a non-profit organization, founded by Prof. Richard Chia-Tung Lee. As they believe, the majority of children from poor families perform worse academically, and the majority of poor families do not give their children enough impetus to excel. Losing hope, these children become less competitive as they grow up and enter the workforce, and completely abandon the desire to financially better themselves.

The rift between rich and poor will only grow wider if the current trend continues to play out. To put a stop to this downward cycle, we need to properly educate these underprivileged children. Noticing that most underprivileged children are academically behind because they do not do their homework at home, Boyo was founded to counteract the trend. Boyo invites these students to join them in a classroom setting at night, picking up learning where they left off at school.

iST’d like to do something for these kids, so we invite them to have a half-day lab tour. Wish to let them see a different vision of jobs, and invite you come and join us to care about the education of needy kids.

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