Home iST and UL Sign Cooperation Agreement Carry Out a Comprehensive High Speed Signal Test Service

iST and UL Sign Cooperation Agreement Carry Out a Comprehensive High Speed Signal Test Service

Home iST and UL Sign Cooperation Agreement Carry Out a Comprehensive High Speed Signal Test Service

iST and UL Sign Cooperation Agreement Carry Out a Comprehensive High Speed Signal Test Service

by yuting

Issued Date: 2018/2/09
Issued By: iST

iST, the leading laboratory in electronic product verification service, made a remarkable breakthrough in the field of Signal Transmission Testing Services. iST has signed a Cooperation Agreement with  the world’s top 5 safety standard certification laboratory Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Effective from today, these two parties will jointly start finding overall solutions for technical problems worldwide, delegating cases between each other based on company’s expertise and developing the global market for signal transmission test.

Recently, UL Taiwan, has become an Independent Test Labs (ITL) authorized by USB Implementers Forum and being able to perform full series certification test of USB for test items including Host, Device / Peripherals, Cable Assemblies & Connectors, Power Bricks and Power Delivery.

As for iST in recent two years, it not only became an authorized Test Center (ATC) of HDMI、MHL、DisplayPort™ testing and certification, but also took the lead and had been authorized by Simplay Labs specific to the certification of HDMI/ DisplayPort Alt Mode for USB Type-C™.

The Cooperation Agreement between iST and UL underscores a comprehensive High Speed Signal Transmission Test of Cable over 3C mobile and IoV devices will be activated by these two parties, which means in the future, the up, the middle and the downstream manufacturers of 3C mobile devices can apply integrated testing and certification services of HDMI, MHL, DisplayPort, and whole series of USB through either iST or UL.

iST observed, electronic products have largely gone wireless, however, the signal transmission through cable is still the last mile for all the high speed transmission.

“UL is the well-known certification laboratory in the world, which is not only considered America’s best safety standard organization but is able to directly issue customers a certificate with its excellent management upon the worldwide agreed criteria and the requirements of international 3C companies. The major significance on this cooperation between iST and UL is to allow iST to offer a comprehensive and customized platform for its signal testing business after the USB testing service is added. ” said Kelvin Tsai, the GM of signal integrity bureau of iST.

“iST is the leading verification and testing laboratory of semiconductor in Asia, working with iST enables UL to provide international companies a quality control solution for signal transmission design of 3C and IoV products covering the whole fabrication phase of IC, system to the end product. ” said Hai-Yang Shi, the GM of wire and cable section for greater China of UL.

With UL and iST’s strengths in different fields, the two leading companies believe that this cross-border co-operation will bring a win-win situation for both parties in the various industries in the future.

Statement: USB Type-C™ and USB-C™ is the logo of USB Implementers Forum. This press release does not represent USB-Implementers Forum and should not be considered as its promotion.


UL News Release: http://bit.ly/ULNEWS20180214

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