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iST Announces Proprietary Development of a Standard Flow of FA for MEMS G-Sensor

Issued Date: 2013/10/15
Issued By:iST

With the rapid and booming development of advanced technologies, MEMS devices have become the core of intelligent products. As the industry engages in MEMS development, the conventional analytical techniques are unable to identify the true causes of MEMS failure. To address this challenge, the iST Group Taiwan has successfully demonstrated this year the establishment of a standard flow of failure analysis for the MEMS G-sensor. This flow has also been adopted by various companies in practical applications. At present, the iST Group Taiwan is handling the failure analysis and related solutions for up to about 90% of the companies developing the MEMS G-sensor.
The proprietary standard flow of failure analysis for the MEMS G-sensor by iST has also been certified by the well-known ISTFA (International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis), becoming the first and the only laboratory with its own MEMS research team in Taiwan.

The observations by iST show that the conventional MEMS failure analysis method via De-cap is subject to device contamination due to the lack of structural understanding and control by many companies.

In addition, the iST further points out that damage easily occurs during the process of removal by foreign forces given that the device is a suspended structure. These two issues often cause contamination and stress damage to the devices, creating more failure blind spots instead of identifying the true causes.

To address this issue, iST successfully developed this year the De-cap MEMS technique that is free of contamination, which combined with a stress-less device removal technique preserves the original structure by non-invasive methods, avoiding false failure causes from mechanical stress and contamination. So far, the technique by iST has effectively helped identify failure causes and implemented improvements accordingly to advance in the existing market for more than 30 companies involved in MEMS design, manufacturing and packaging.

The true failure point of the G-Sensor device is accurately identified by the standard flow of MEMS failure analysis by iST.

SEM image of failed G-Sensor device

SEM image of normal G-Sensor device

As pointed out by the COO of the iST Group, Jandel Lin, iST started engaging in the research and development of MEMS failure analysis as early as 2007. As he envisioned the potential market demand through a comprehensive layout of failure analysis techniques for emerging products such as MEMS. With the extensive practical experience acquired over the past few years, iST achieved the establishment of the standard flow of MEMS failure analysis.

Jun-An Huang, the technical manager of the iST Group Taiwan, will present this technique on November 6 at the ISTFA in San Jose, California, USA. All the interested colleagues and friends in the industry are cordially welcome to join us in this event.

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