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Introduction and Application of FIB

Backside FIB Circuit Edit

In IC chip development, FIB (Focused Ion Beam) is a widely used technique for editing circuits. The current method is to analyze from the front side of a chip, however two major challenges have been encountered while the process and packaging technologies advance:

Flip Chip Packaging: due to limitations of the substrate material, the engineering cannot be carried out from the front side of the chip; FIB CE must be conducted from the back side of the silicon chip.

Increased number of metal layers: Number of metal circuitry layers in ICs increases as processes advance; it becomes harder and harder to edit the bottom layer metal circuitry with conventional methods from the front side of the chip.

iST has engaged in establishing relevant technologies for Backside FIB engineering for several years; empirical experiences are available for providing relevant services to our customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us shall further information be required.

Example photo 

   Exposure Well


   FIB Probing Pad


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