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Halogen Test

Halogen can be found in many raw materials and related processes in the industry, such as PVC, brominated flame retardants, and chlorinated flame retardants. Upon combustion, however, these materials can produce dioxins that are known to cause severe environmental impacts. As a result, many major international factories have gradually limited their use. To reduce the environmental impact, many industrial associations such as IEC, IPC and JPCA have individually defined the acceptable standards to be halogen free.

Definition of Halogen Free

Halogen free ≠ no halogen contained in product.
One can refer to the definition given in IEC 61249-2-21 (the upper limit values listed in the table do not apply to fluorine and iodine).

Item Upper Limit Test Method Test Instrument
Fluorine (F) EN14582 IC
Chlorine (Cl) 0.09 % ( 900ppm ) EN14582 IC
Bromine (Br) 0.09 % ( 900ppm ) EN14582 IC
Chlorine (Cl)+Bromine (Br) 0.15 % ( 1500ppm ) EN14582 IC
Iodine (I) EN14582 IC

Service Scope 
Risk evaluation of Halogen.  
Halogen testing.

The Superiority of iST
ISO 17025 Certification for chemical analysis of electronic, electric materials, devices, and plastics.
Chemistry lab qualified by CNAS.
Introduced GLP and participated in chemical lab capability comparison with IRMM and APLAC in EU and Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspections.
Established channels of communication with IRMM, TAC, IEC, ERA in England and NIST in the US; also regularly attend relevant international conferences to acquire the most recent and correct information.
Integrating physical and chemical inspection techniques and equipment; strengthening techniques for preparation, inspection and analysis of sample materials.

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