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QC080000 Management System Consultancy

Since International Organization for Standardization (ISO) promoted ISO 14000 Family Environment Management Standards to cope with global environment changes, the ISO 14001 Standard, which can be certified by a third party, has gradually become a Green Pass to enter the international markets. The ISO 14000 family comprises standards dealing with Environmental Performance Evaluation (EPE), Lifecycle Assessment (LCA), Design for the Environment (DfE), Environment Communication (EC), leading the industry into environmental improvements in the product, performance and social aspects.

For the time being, most suppliers address to environmental regulations in product aspects of product inspections (such as EU’s RoHS directive/ REACH regulations, and Green Product regulations of other countries). However relying on inspections does not exempt the requirements of due diligence. From the long-term point of view, introducing a compliance-oriented management system is the best solution for necessary preventions. Therefore IECQ of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) proposed a standard of Hazardous Substance Process Management (HSPM) - QC080000 based on grounds of ISO9001, to provide relevant chemical and physical instructions for the industry.

ISO9001 is the fundamentals of plant management. The ISO/TS 16949, a derivative from ISO9001 dealing with quality system of automotive industry, is focused on concepts of continuous improvements and quality cost savings in the supply chain. If the additional APQP, PPAP, MSA, FMEA and SPC requirements are fulfilled in the system operation, substantial improvements in performance and quality of the quality control system can be achieved effectively.

iST Services:
Counseling on ISO14001/ISO9001/TS16949 Management Systems.

iST professional team are well experienced in counseling on management systems and chemical inspections. We are confident to assist your enterprise to establish the QC080000 Management System by integrating Chemical Analyses with the Management System.

Special Features of iST Services.

Qualified specialists: All our counseling team are qualified auditors in ISO 9001 / ISO14001 / IECQ HSPM (QC080000).

Technology oriented: General management consultant companies have no relevant know how on material analyses, therefore can only provide introduction of QC 080000 regulations and counseling on documentations. IST provides professional integration of chemicals analyses and Green Supply Chain management. 

Establish Risk Classification Mechanism of material suppliers: assist customers to realize the most risky part in the supply chain by way of professional chemicals management so that precautions can be taken. Conduct training and assessment of suppliers, give instructions as how to request suppliers to submit accurate inspection reports and set up risks classification and management system, to conform to EU’s statutory requirements. 

Customized services: Assist customers in document preparation on all stages in most considerate way, together with counseling on continuous improvements of the system, so that the customer passes the certification.

Service Items:
   Counseling services on QC and EMS.
     Counseling on ISO9001: 2008
     Counseling on TS16949 
     Training on 7 QC approaches
     FMEA/SPC/MSA Training
     Counseling on ISO14001
     Counseling on Product Oriented EMS 
     Counseling on QC and EMS Integration 

   Counseling services on QC080000.
     Counseling on Customer HSF Specifications and IECQ HSPM certificate regulations of Green Products.
     Counseling on integration of ISO9001/ISO14001/QC080000 Management Systems.
     Introductive training on RoHS Directive /REACH Regulations and countermeasures.
     Introductive training on PFOS/POHS/Halogen-free Industrial standards and countermeasures.
     Training on Eco-design conforming to WEEE/EuP Directive.
     Training on RoHS Inspection and Conformity Declaration Form.
     Training on Pb-free / Halogen-free Reliability.
     Training on China-RoHS certificate specifications and corresponding measures.
     Customer specified options.

Counseling Cases: 

Gemtek Powertech Technology Inc. Unimicron Technology, Shan-Yin Plant
Optronics Diode Lighting Technology Unimicron Technology, Lu-Zhou Plant
CMC Epistar Corporation Advantech Co. Ltd.
Etron Technology ProMos Hsinchu Plant ProMos Taichung Plant
Gold Circuit Electronics Tyntek Corporation HannStar Display (Wuhan)
P-Two Industrial Inc. HannStar Display Corporation Avalue Technology Inc.
Win Development Inc. Topower Computer Ind. SDI Corp. Nantou Plant
Tynsolar Corp. Ta-I Technology HannStar Display (Nanjing)
Sintronic Technology Singatron Taiwan Plant SDI Corp. Changhua Plant
Smart Ant Telecom Co., Ltd. Eastem Electronics Co., Ltd. ThinFlex Corp.
Index Chemical Co. Ltd. Singatron Zhong-Shan Plant Singatron Guang-Zhou Plant

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