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Prober (Prober Station)

Beneath the microscope, probes are connected to internal circuits of the IC, allowing connection with external devices for conducting measurements or inputting signals.

Currently, iST possesses probes and provides the following applications:
Solid probe tip, tender probe tip, and Active Probes are available. Solid tip: 1 μm and 5 μm. Tender tip: < 1 μm. Main applications: HF circuits, FIB probing PAD and Active Probing (200 MHz).
Pin-probing can be used for signal input/output when the analyzed sample requires an EMMI / OBIRCH / TLP / ESD / Curve tracer but lacks a proper fixture or socket. 
Wafer products can be tested with a Probe card.
The laboratory possesses a Laser system for performing Laser cut.

Machine limitations:
The stage accommodates maximum 5 probe manipulators (5 probes) tips. Currently there are 4 Active Probe manipulators installed. Maximum height of sample is 10 cm.

Example photo
Prober station & Laser system 
Example photo
1μm tip
Prober、IV Curve、probing
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