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Keithley Parameter Analyzer

The easy-to-operate KEITHLEY 4200-SCS Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer System provides laboratory-class characterization of DC and semiconductor components, Electrical Failure Analysis (EFA), real-time curve graphing (IV-CURVE), and Sub-fA high-resolution analyses. The KEITHLEY 4200 System integrates multiple functions in it, including a PC, the Windows NT Operation System, and the Hard Disk storage of ultra-high capacity.

The Click-and-use Windows interface in the KEITHLEY 4200 simplifies and expedites data retrieval procedures, allowing quick analysis results for all users. The powerful built-in testing tools allow standardization of test methods to ensure the equivalence of test results.

   DC and semiconductor components characterization.
   Electrical Failure Analysis (EFA).
   Assistant in subsequent electrical measurements (Force V measure I / Force I measure V).


Machine limitations:
Maximum 4 Channels; Max. voltage: 100 V; Max. I: 100 mA; Max. Power: 2 W.

Easy-to-use: Click-and-use Windows environment ensures simple operation and easy file saving (can be saved as graphic and data files directly). 
High resolution: Special signal amplifier enables SMU resolution up to 0.1fA.
Speedy operation: The PC operation system provides speedy test settings, powerful data analyses and charting, printing, and huge HD space for storage.
Multiple functions: Special browser-type project viewers are component-based, allowing for performing multiple test procedures and providing loop controls. 
Scalability: Self-developed test modules allow extended KITE to control external instruments and to integrate test items.

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