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IC Reliability Qualification Board Assembly(Burn in Board)

For expediting the test result, we need to use burn-in boards to perform accelerated experiments. Precautions must be taken before the test that all test conditions must be verified, and all unsteady factors must be eliminated or prevented from. It is therefore most important in preparing the Burn-in Board and in selecting and matching relevant materials. The user must carefully estimate whether the supplier has the technology, capability and experience tto prepare substantial qualified Burn-in Board, so that the expected accelerated IC reliability test can be achieved smoothly.

What factors must be considered before making a Burn-in Board? iST suggests that the proper assessment needs to determine specifications and requirements of the Burn-in Board, including the experiments that are to be performed in the project, the conditions must be meet, the sampling size, and product characteristics that are to be included, before assessing the raw materials.

The design of the Burn-in Board shall include assessment items such as Type and Structure of IC Sockets, PCB material criteria, PCB physical and electrical properties, PCB heat resistance requirements, PCB manufacturers that conform to reliability and quality requirements, functions and protection circuits that are incorporated in the Burn-in Boards, whether all active/passive components and connectors comply with high-temperature requirements, whether all materials and components meet high-temperature and aging requirements, whether the PCBA assembly plant own enough know-how to support the reliability of the Burn-in Board, whether TMD or SMD is to be selected for assembling an active/passive component, the availability of materials of all specifications in the marketplace, the exact delivery time of those materials with particular specifications, and full understanding on the specifications and limitations of the Burn-in Board vs. the Burn-in System.

iST is capable of providing integrated reliability tests; its professional Reliability Team has the rechest experience in the industry in testing reliability of electronic products. The team also researches “Component on Board Reliability Qualification” and carefully selects PCB, solder materials, and components with the sole aim to lower and eliminate uncertainties during the experiments so as to accomplish the final goals of the customer to shorten the product R&D and to expedite the time-to-market. All the efforts made by IST in elevating the reliability have earned certificates and recognition of major international manufacturers. iST offers one-stop services ranging from IC Socket assessment and selection, PCB layout, PCB production, PCB assembly, and test board certification as depicted bellow:

IC component reliability test and Burn-in board.
85oC/85%RH Highly Accelerated THB board or HAST board or H3TRB board
Power & temperature cycling test board
HTGB or HTRB burn-in board
Adaptor board, Programming-card, and DUT-card
Assisting the customer in assessing assembly and selection of different IC Sockets.
Provide PCB production of high-end processes.
Assembly services of SMD (Surface Mount Device) and THD (Through Hole Device) component.

Burn-In Board
Burn-In Board Test and Verify
burn in board
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