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BGA Solderability Test

Ball Grid Array (BGA) packaging has been used for years and developed into the latest WLCSP (Wafer Level CSP) packaging which takes place of the traditional Leadframe Package and has becomes the mainstream especially in high-end chips. Nevertheless, the more BGA applications increase, the more assembly and soldering problems raise. This problem becomes more obvious after the transfer to Lead-free process and causes much trouble.

However, BGA is different from other IC packaging, no international code or standard is yet available for testing solderability of the BGA method. It is extremely difficult to clarify whether the cause is a process failure of the assembly plant or a poor result of BGA soldering when the customer complains about BGA failures. This has long been a troubling issue to parts makers.

Aiming to solve this problem, iST Reliability Laboratory has referenced USA military standards (MIL-STD) about soldering property tests and made improvements. Simulation of BGA process is performed in accordance with flux and reflow conditions at the customer end production line, BGA wetting quality can be estimated accurately together with failure conditions of defected components revealed quickly so that defects can be remedied in time.

For offering convenient tests to the customer and minimizing troubles in materials preparation, iST now offers printed circuit plates of various sizes for the BGA solderability tests together with provision of different carrier plates or ceramic plates to deliver optimal services to the customer. The following photos show the non-wetting conditions of BGA.

Example Photo
OM (optical microscope) photo of BGA solder non-wetting
X-Ray photo of BGA solder non-wetting
pillow、BGA solder joint、de-solder
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